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Site-Specific Installation at the Asian American Resource Center

Chiffon, Organza, Silkscreen, Reactive Dye, Zen Garden Gravel, Clay Objects

quinn in art handmade paper ink drawing risograph silkscreen collage

Sepia Starlight 

17 in x 11 in

Handmade Hanji-Mulberry paper, Risograph, and Silkscreen.  

_DSC8366 copy.png

Liner Notes for the Future

34in x 30.5in [Framed]

Handmade Hanji-Mulberry paper, Cotton Pulp, Ink.  

Is it Enough to Live? 2021.

12 in x 19 in 

French paper, Risograph, Photo-Polymer Letterpress Plate.


I can't get over you.

24in x 12in x 28in. [Soban - Paper Table]

Handmade cotton paper, Mulberry silk, Foam 

Pojagi To Hold, To Fold, To Care.

8in x 3in x 2.75in [Artist Book - folded] 72" x 8" [unfolded]

Colored Hanji paper

보자기초상화 / Pojagi Portrait, 2022.

192 in. x 58 in.

Ink and Metallic Thread Illustration on Organza and Hanji paper.

Print 3 Black.jpg

Neon Phosphene I & II: Ruby Eyes and Tongue Twister 

11 in x 17 in

Risograph and Silkscreen 

보자기초상화 / Pojagi Portrait II, 2022.

192 in. x 58 in.

Ink on Chiffon.

Up too High, 2021.

192 in. x 58 in.

Ink Illustration.

Phosphene Day Glow III: Strawberry Mice, 2022.

11 in x 17 in.


Hanji Fallout, 2021.

11 in x 17 in


Thinking too much, 2022.

11 in x 15 in


Seeking Starlight, 2021.

12 in x 18 in

Ink on Chiffon.

Right Back at Ya, 2021.

12 in x 16 in

Ink Illustration.

Thinking too Much pt. II, 2021.

11 in x 16 in

Woodblock on Masa.

Insomniac Susurration, 2021.

11 in x 15 in

Intaglio on Copper.

Moon Face, 2021.

8 in x 12 in

Ink Illustration.

Night Bloom - Living Room, 2021.

11 in x 14 in

Oil on Panel.

Coffee Pot: Dive into the Murky Waters, 2020.

9 in x 5 in

Watercolor, Acrylic.

©2021 by Quinn In

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